Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Happy April!

The year started off rocky, with crap happening every month, but April seemed to have pass well (for the most part). The weather became nice, my birthday was nice and chill (thanks for the happy wishes everyone!), I went to see Bridge & Tunnel, ate at a french bistro (LOVE THEM CREPES!!!). Everything was pretty good, except for the volcano. What volcano you ask? The huge honker that was gestating on my forehead. What a way to celebrate getting older. Nothing makes me feel all grown up and mature like acne. I'm 28 going on 13! Happy Birthday to Me!!! So I guess that might count as something bad happenning to me for the month of April (I mean, come on, that bad boy definetly scared away any cuties even slightly glancing in my direction, it ruined my playa-hood!). Oh well, bring on May!