Sunday, February 26, 2006

kids are dumb

So I was in the Peds ER (working, not maimed), which has been fun, but sometimes kids are annoying and dumb. It was the end of my shift at 10 at night and I was about to get ready to go so I can get home and go sleep so I can be back at 8 in the morning (good times), when one of the docs grabs me and asks me to help her out. She takes me to one of the exam rooms and there, lo and behold, is the idiot. This 11 year old girl apparantly managed to jam a ring on her finger that was too small and now couldn't get it off...and her finger was mad swollen and turning a lovely shade purple. So The doc had me use "THE RING CUTTER", which is like a mini manual circular saw (you may have seen one if you yourself have been dumb in the past and had to go to the ER for a similar event.) So I have this contraption and I'm cranking on it trying to cut this damn ring off, i'm cranking and cranking, my hands are getting crampy and tetanized, trying to distract this girl (with my shining wit), and then she starts complaining. "Ow this hurts...Hurry up...Why you taking so long...My finger hurts...Come on, this is taking too long, my finger hurts..."

ummm....excuse me, aren't you the idiot that put on a small ring? Don't get mad at me for you being stupid. Yeah it's taking a long time, i'm freaking manually turning this thing with my non-dominant hand and that stupid ring is mad thick. I wanted to hit her upside the head. It didn't help that her mother was mocking her the whole time telling her that's what she gets for playing with things that don't belong to her (but very amusing, had to hide my smile everytime the mother riled her up). After a good 45 minutes of turning the stupid ring cutter and the girl's finger blowing up 3 sizes too big and purple and my hand ready to fall off, they decide to get the electrical ring cutter (must have been too logical to do that from the get go). The girl sees that and says,"No, we'll stick to this one" meaning the stupid one i've been turning and it took all my might not to want to smack some sense into her. We start using the electrical one and she starts screaming it hurts it hurts and her mother had to literally had to hold her down, but she can't feel a thing, there's a guard thing that's protecting her from being cut, AND her damn finger is swollen and numb, so how the heck can you say it hurts you big idiot. 2 seconds later the ring is off and she starts bawling and all I could do was laugh silently in the corner. Damn, I'm evil.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Random thought/ confession: For the longest time I was in the closet about this, but I think I've come to terms with it and am ready to admit to it: I like Kelly Clarkson. Mock me all you want.

While crippled and in pain from throwing out my back (whilst doing yoga...who does that, seriously...isn't yoga supposed to be good for you and all that junk, help stretch you out... COME ON NOW!!!), thought it would be fun starting a blog of all my random thoughts and such. So I'm in my third year of medical school still trying to figure out what I want to be when I grow up. got some ideas, maybe, but have more nots than yes. For instance, I'm so over surgery. Had the not so funnest rotation, and standing for hours in a contorted posture while holding back someone's fat flap so the surgeon can get to their insides is not my idea of fun, especially after two hours (or ten sometimes). Internal medicine... I think I'll pass. it's more like micromanaging and writing notes... after one too many hand-cramps I was ready to move on. It's more like," Oh, your potassium is high, let's give you this med and see what happens the next day." Also, having the same obese diabetic hypertensive patients day in and day out kind of got to me. They refuse to learn and try to do something about their conditions. Kind of frustrating.

Had a great time on my OB/GYN rotation, the most enjoyable as of yet, but those people have no lives. Their lives are their patients. They're there all the time and always have to be ready at any time of the day (or night) to be called in to deliver a baby. What's wrong with these fetuses, don't they know I need to sleep? Also, the one day in clinic where I had preggers who all had white cheesy itchy discharges... lets just say for a while I had no desire to even think about putting anything of mine anywhere near anyhting with XX chromosomes. Doing Peds now... teens are annoying, and babies mostly uncooperative. Is it so hard to open your mouth so I can see the dime you swallowed in the back of your throat? Is it so difficult to keep your head still so I can stick this instrument in your ear and look around in your wax impacted ear? Don't you know it's all about me? Who cares about your bloody discharge from your ear, let me poke around and learn, learn, learn!!! At least I have a few more months before I have to make any kind of decisions. Stay tuned!!!